Imgao has recently helped a global audit & consulting firm become ISO27001 certified by developing a Goverance Risk & Compliance (GRC) solution.

IT security and privacy continues to be a growing factor in most companies and industries.  Click the link below for some general security information and how Imago is involved.  

We provide enterprise security architecture, contract security governance and specialised IT security expertise in areas such as Identity & Access Management (I&AM), etc.

Imago offers a wide range of security solutions which can be applied across any industry.  This is not an exhaustive list, but it can provide at a high level the types of services we provide to customers today:
    • ISO27001 Audit & Implementation
    • Enterprise Security Architecture
    • Security Training & Awareness
    • Security Strategy & Organisational Governance
    • Regulatory, Legal & Contract Security Programme Management 
    • Identity & Access Management (I&AM)
    • Government, Defence & Homeland Security

    Harwood Security and Training Consultancy (HSandTC) has been a close partner recently with focus on Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security Training. 


    Why Choose Imago?

    Imago Solutions Ltd. is a speciality security consulting company that can tailor services to any size organisation.  When consulting comes from industry and large global consulting companies, the solution can be too specific or focused just on sales.  Are you ready for experts who are really interested in your security needs and delivering business value?